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  • Analysing community dynamics, developing community hubs and proactively working in partnerships to empower local areas to overcome challenges around employability and skills, social connectivity, health and wellbeing, family and youth support.
  • Outcomes – achieving successful outcomes for people that has a positive impact on their lives
  • Quality – delivering quality services evidenced by our approach, systems and standards.
  • Delivering outreach services that are tailored to individuals, ensuring high levels of success.

Out track record is evident in the transformations in and around Castle Vale where we began life as Castle Vale Community Regeneration Services.

In 2015 we became Compass Support, the charitable arm of the Pioneer Group. This enables us to offer the best of our expertise to more communities and people across Birmingham and beyond.

We understand people and communities – by consulting with them to understand their needs and responding by providing innovative solutions.

We create independence not dependency – through our coaching approach, enabling people to find their own solutions and gain the confidence and skills to maximise their potential.

We offer a responsive and holistic approach to benefit individuals by working across all age groups, and with interlocking services that place the individual at their core and holistic wrap around support.

We provide quality opportunities and work in partnership with like-minded organisations who want to make a real change – we work with iconic third sector organisations in Birmingham and beyond to create and innovate for the benefit of our communities.

We are outcome and impact led, innovating and sharing – our annual report demonstrates the high quality outcomes we achieve (link), we have a culture of learning and collaboration across the business to co-produce projects and solve challenges.

Compass Support - Corporate Plan 2021-24Corporate Plan 2021-2024

Our Corporate Plan outlines our strategic aims and objectives from 2021-2024 and is based on our core vision to “Make Lives and Communities Better”.

The opportunities Compass Support provides aligns with its community plans to improve education, employment and skills, community safety, and health & well-being in key neighbourhoods. Services include youth mentoring support, career services for adults, delivery of social prescription programmes, support to families and those wishing to live independently – alongside hosting a range of activities within their community hubs at Falcon Lodge and Castle Vale.

The plan underpins on three key objectives:

  • Supporting People
  • Partnerships
  • Community Voice

To find out more about our key commitments, check out our plan here:

Compass Website Button - Corporate plan

Find out why it has been an exciting period for Compass Support, how we have continued to seek new opportunities despite a reduction in public spending and increased competition and why we feel we are in a strong position, both for the upcoming year and the years ahead.

This Annual Report includes:

  • Highlights of the year and performance summary
  • Business growth & development
  • Information about the difference our services have made
  • Details of achievements and successes

Download your copy here.

Our annual and financial reports set out our achievements over the last financial year;  keep our service users and stakeholders updated about the services, our performance and vision for the future.