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Compass Support Corporate Services

Compass Support offers a wide range of corporate services available to deliver on behalf of organisations and professional bodies.

We are a social business that has been enabling prospects for positive change in people’s livesfor over 15 years. Most of our opportunities have been available within north Birmingham and in the east of the city where we have dedicated community hubs in Castle Vale and Falcon Lodge from which we deliver community based provision.

The team at Compass Support are driven by a strong set of values and a vision to help people reach their true potential. We recognise that one size doesn’t fit all which is why our wide ranges of services – employment, family support, health, children and young people, independent living, community hubs – are tailored to the individual to provide a full package.We understand the importance of these key areas which is why our team of experts are available to be engaged through our corporate packages. 

Our high quality service delivery, strong performance and customer feedback means that we have a positive reputation with partners, funders, and the communities in which we serve. On average we support over 3000 people a year and achieve customer satisfaction scores above 95%. Our high approval level and quality provision have not only secured MATRIX accreditation but we have also received several awards for our delivery.

How can I access this service? 
If you’re interested and would like to discuss our corporate services furtherplease get in touch or download our brochure to find out more about what we offer.


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