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Wellbeing First project launches to reduce social isolation

New community project, ‘Wellbeing First’, is on a mission to improve health and wellbeing of socially isolated residents in Castle Vale and the Reddicap Ward (Falcon Lodge).

With many older residents, long-term unemployed or those suffering with mental illness often experiencing poor health and wellbeing, the new project aims to improve both physical and mental health, while also helping them to stay in their own homes and to reintegrate into society.

Wellbeing Activity Coordinator for Compass Support, Zoe Woodward, is part of the new team appointed to deliver the project. She said:

We’re creating a community connection, encouraging healthier lifestyles, empowering people to stay in their homes longer and reduce the need for GP appointments for non-medical issues.

The project will use a variety of different approaches to meet its targets. Key to the success are Community Volunteers, who are already reaching out to identify residents who could benefit from the project.

Community Volunteers are often seen around Castle Vale in pop up cafes, at local events or door knocking. The Wellbeing First team is looking to replicate the successful volunteering programme in Falcon Lodge. Volunteers come from all walks of life, some are retired, while others are actively looking for work, but want to expand their skills.

The Wellbeing First project will be delivered via a number of support sessions such as yoga, walking and mindfulness, where residents will be encouraged to move and learn about leading a healthy lifestyle.

Instead of visiting a GP for non-medical requirements, the project aims to offer “social prescriptions” which will identify activities to help them on their journey to rebuild confidence.

The project is funded until September 2021 and will also encourage more residents to attend existing initiatives such as the Bereavement Group and the Think Positive group. By bringing more people together, residents will be able to socialise and even run their own group later down the line..

A toolkit is also being developed to support residents who are hoarding possessions.

Compass Support is the charitable subsidiary of The Pioneer Group and has already launched a complementary project called Get Healthy Get Working Project in Castle Vale and Falcon Lodge, which helps participants who are looking to get back to work.

If you know someone who would benefit from either project, please contact Compass Support on 0121 748 8111.