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Last chance: nominate your Castle Vale Lockdown Champions

The Pioneer Group and Greenwood Academy are asking for your Castle Vale Lockdown Champions awards to recognise amazing individuals and organisations who have supported the community through the lockdowns.

A number of individuals and organisations have been nominated so far, and the team want to celebrate more residents and organisations and their kindness, so get your entries in by 21 May 2021.

Nominees span across age groups and different types of organisation. From a local taxi driver offering free lifts, to younger residents picking up groceries for isolating neighbours; the stories of kindness are heart-warming, but we know that there are more out there – so nominate a Castle Vale resident, or organisation to celebrate their kindness and community spirit during the coronavirus lockdowns.

Winners will receive a recognition and a prize for their selfless contribution to building back a better Castle Vale.

Nominations are easy to submit by filling in this short form: with your name, contact details, nominee name and the reason you think they deserve recognition for their efforts.

The nominations are open until 21 May 2021, and the organisers have already started to receive entries, including baking and delivering cakes to families and vulnerable residents, collecting and making up lunches for school holidays and fundraising to provide Christmas hampers for elderly.

Nominations are invited for the following categories:

Good Neighbour – have you needed support from your neighbours? Have they been checking in regularly, maybe making trips to the supermarket for you? Tell us about your good neighbours and what their support has meant to you.

My lockdown Rock – is there someone you know you couldn’t have done without during lockdown? Someone who has kept you going – maybe a family member, a friend? Is there that one person who you can count on day or night who has been your rock during lockdown? If so we need to hear about them!

Above and beyond – did something take you by surprise during lockdown? Did a knight in shining armour come through to support you or your family and go that extra mile? If you have been fortunate enough to benefit from a friend or relative with a heart of gold tell us all about it!

Unsung Heroes – so many people work hard behind the scenes and don’t want the plaudits, they just do it because they are good people. This is your opportunity to thrust them into the limelight and ensure they are recognised for their endeavours during lockdown. Share your stories – let’s shed some light on the unsung heroes!

Community Facilitator – some people are super organised and always come to the front to ensure that support is there when it is needed. Is there someone in your community that has ensured that the world still turned and that as much normality ensued as was possible? We want to hear your

Organisations – Is there an organisation who you could not have lived without during lockdown? A go-to group of people at the end of the phone to support you or your family when you needed it most? Let us know who the organisations who became your lifeline!

Young Person – Sometimes the resilience of young people shows no bounds. This was true for many during lockdown. Did a child of your own, a grandchild, niece or nephew step up? A family friend who you’d have been lost without? A young carer taking on extra responsibility? Tell us about your young heroes.

The initiative is being led by Trev Evans, Community Manager at Greenwood Academy, has lived on ‘The Vale’ for most of his life and has worked at Greenwood Academy for 20 years. He explains the reason behind the awards:

We’re giving people an opportunity to show some love and gratitude for those who have stepped up and gone above and beyond. The idea is great for celebrating Castle Vale, recognising individuals, and spreading positivity at a time when we all have to pull together to get by.

I am also extremely proud of our pupils who came up with the initiative as part of our character development programme, where each year group develops an idea for a project to make a difference in the community.

You can enter the person/organisation for more than one category and the judges may move your nomination to a more relevant category if necessary.

Follow the link to submit your nomination now:

Winners may be asked to take part in some publicity, though there is no obligation.