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Compass Support Mental Health Awareness Events

Compass Support, The Pioneer Group’s charitable subsidiary, is hosting a Mental Health Awareness Event along with a series of activities during Mental Health Awareness Week on 9-15 May 2022.

This year’s theme is loneliness.

Feeling lonely can bring negative thoughts and feelings and have a detrimental impact on a person’s mental health. Levels of loneliness increased for many people during the pandemic.

Research shows that there are strong links between loneliness and other conditions including depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, sleep problems and increased stress, which all effect a person’s mental health and overall wellbeing.

The week’s activities will be an opportunity to connect with other people and the community whilst learning more about factors that have negative effects on mental health and understanding practical steps that can be taken to overcome these.

Everyone is welcome to attend the Mental Health Awareness Event.

There will be an array of information, advice and services promoted by local organisations. Guests speaker sessions will take place between 12:30pm and 2pm.

Free refreshments will be available from 11am.

When: On Thursday 12 May, 11am-3pm

Location: The Sanctuary, Tangmere Drive, Castle Vale B35 7PX.

There will also be a range of activities and events during the week at The Sanctuary, Castle Vale and at The Community Hub, Falcon Lodge in Sutton Coldfield, including Think Positive Group, Mindfulness Café, Move it or Lose it – chair based exercise, walking groups, indoor bowls and more…to encourage people to socialise and try new activities. There will also be a Digital Cafe that citizens can pop along to for a friendly chat.

Further information on all activities can be found on Compass Support’s Facebook page.

Leonie Hammond, Health and Wellbeing Project Coordinator, Compass Support said:

Mental Health Awareness Week has always been a great week for highlighting awareness and welcoming new faces to Compass Support and other local services. We are really looking forward to working with other local organisations at this event to enable access to support, seek information or just pop along for a cup of tea. Not to forget the week of activities, just attending one will definitely boost a person’s mental wellbeing!

If you know of someone who is experiencing loneliness, please bear in mind that they might feel overwhelmed and not know what to do to change their situation. Therefore, it is really important for others to offer support and understanding, encouraging them to take that step to try new activity and start making new social connects which can help them to start reducing loneliness and isolation. Listening to what they are saying about how they feel is also important, encourage them to talk about their feelings, start a conversation and offering your time are all small ways to help someone who is experiencing loneliness.

On the Compass Support website, further information can be found regarding current initiatives including the Befriending Project, Volunteering Opportunities, Healthy Body & Healthy Mind Programme.

Compass Support has a history of providing targeted support through tailored programmes to support local residents improving their mental health and wellbeing. It addresses common issues that can cause poor health but also tackles hidden barriers to better mental health including financial issues, unemployment and loneliness.

To speak to a member of Compass Support’s Health and Wellbeing team, please call: 0121 748 8111.