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An Insight Into Our Dementia Cafe

On 3rd July, Compass Support hosted a session providing help and guidance to those suffering with and caring for people with Dementia.

With 14 fourteen residents attending, they discussed how important it is to have a daily routine, keeping busy and not being afraid to ask for help.

At the start of the session, our Independent Living Support Worker, Nafisa, got everyone into pairs to take part in an ice-breaker quiz!

Following this, residents each completed a family-tree exercise to show who they have in their support network.

Many people mentioned our Compass staff at The Sanctuary in their family-trees, as well as Nafisa herself.

For those with gaps in their support network, Nafisa was then able to recommend staff and organisations to help with these.

Nafisa said: “Dementia can be emotionally difficult for anyone suffering from it, as well as carers and families facing immense daily stress.”

“The Dementia Café helps to bring people together, in a safe and positive environment, to uplift spirits and remind people they are not alone in their journey, despite their challenges.”

If you are interested in coming to one of these sessions or seeking support, please contact Nafisa on 0121 748 8111/ 07841 067 648.